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Be Encouraged




Invest In You!

Subscribe to (AKL) Magnified Monday sound bites. Each Monday you can be encouraged, empowered, and elevated to make clearer decisions for your week.  It all begins with an INTENTION.


 "Change is by Choice.

Accountability is Intentional"

Ask Kimberly Magnified Monday soulful soundbites set the tone that will manifest a week that will guide you through opportunities. How can you create a meaningful life? Begin with Positive Intentions and Push Forward regardless of the obstacles.  Kimberly's sound bites do just that. You will receive the message directly to your email every Monday morning.


Press play & rewind back as needed. Subscribe Today



Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

3 Months Subscription

Includes (1) 15 Min. Coaching Session. $125.00

* Coaching Sessions scheduled  via phone or SKYPE

Herbal Remedies

6 Months Subscription 

Includes (2) 30 Min. Coaching Sessions. $175.00

* Coaching Sessions scheduled via phone or skype.

Spa Stones

12 Months Subscription

Includes (3) 30 Min. Coaching Sessions.


* Coaching Sessions scheduled  via phone or SKYPE

Doctor's Desk

Lifestyle Enhancement Sessions


AKL offers three Lifestyle Enhancement Coaching Sessions: Individual, Couples, and Groups.


  • Individual Coaching establishes a one-on-one coaching relationship between the coach and the client.


  • Couples’ Coaching is similar to Individual Coaching but involves both spouses in the active coaching relationship. Couples coaching can be structured to include both parties and/or individual private sessions.


  • ​Group Coaching is perfect for corporations, non-profits, and schools. The benefit of group coaching establishes a platform that will empower, encourage, and elevate clients.  The group environment experience is gained through listening and interacting with others throughout the coaching process that focuses on a supportive non-judgmental team environment.



A few samples of AKL Lifestyle Enhancement Coaching Sessions


"Walk In Your Own Shadow"


Developing a stride to "Walk In Your Own Shadow" takes Grace.  It can be a challenge to achieve happiness in life when you aren't quite clear on your purpose. AKL breaks down the participant’s goals into small attainable steps, so the individual stays focused on the result and not the outcome.


If you are an individual, school, or organization looking to make a positive change in your life by taking the necessary steps to empower yourself, students, or staff by helping to:


Recognize their skills and dreams; Refocus their life's goals or move past challenges that stand in the way of one's self-worth. This would be the topic for individuals to strut their way to gracefully walking FABULOUSLY in life.




Living everyday VIP is Defining, Valuing, Respecting, and Magnifying the GLOW with you. 


Kimberly Clark will encourage, empower, and guide you on how to live every day like a FABULOUS Party. Kimberly's two-day lifestyle enhancement seminar will educate individuals who are seeking to enrich their everyday lifestyle. While not letting everyday trials and tribulations interfere with their mental well-being.


AKL Lifestyle Enhancement Course Objective:  By the end of the two-day class; the group will be empowered to live out their destiny.


Day 1: Lifestyle Discussion: Courage, Compassion, and Connection: Tools for making the journey to living out your best life.  And Create an Accountability Action Plan


Day 2: The focal point of Day 2 is placed on the students taking their notes from Day 1 and transitioning those goals, aspirations, and FABULOUS life desires into a visual reality.  


If any of these Lifestyle Enhancement sessions are of interest to you, please Contact Us to set-up a Consultation and/or Book Ask Kimberly services. *A detailed curriculum will be provided upon booking services.


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