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A Girls First Love...

Were you aware that a girls first love is usually her Father?

A Girls First Love is Daddy.
There is LOVE in A Fathers Touch. #LOVE #FathersDay

The first Man to greet her.

The first Man to hold her hand.

The first Man to kiss her forehead.

The first Man to pray for her.

The first Man to dance with her.

The first Man to tell her a corny joke.

The first Man to provide for her.

The first Man to say Yes, to her.

A Father is the FIRST of many things in a girls life. I was blessed to have a father who did all the above nevertheless there were many things my father couldn't teach me. Not because he didn't want to, he didn't know how to. A father's love is the utmost important footsteps of a girls life growing-up. She often looks to her father as a man of power & respect. What she embeds in her mind during those years of development is a profound time that can shift her trajectory. See, usually how a child grows up is what they resemble. What is taught they teach. My father was uncomfortable with conveying & demonstrating love. I'm grateful that the emotional in-tune side of me is from my mother. I'm also grateful that I didn't allow this one thing to birth a disconnect in my life. One of Dr. Maya Angelou heartfelt quotes "When you know better, you do better."

Today, I know the hidden words my father uses to convey his love. I don't dis-honor him for not expressing, for his love is exemplified in other ways. The Universe also showed him a mirror reflection by blessing him with 3 girls. You, know Us women can tackle a love project and make it beautiful & blooming. Which is why I made it a point many years ago, to personally & professional shift the teaching of that exhilarating four letter word LOVE. As a certified lifestyle coach I'm super passionate about helping women to create a life they love by their own design. My teaching style is about mixing the spiritual with taking the inspired action to be able to consciously create more joy, love, freedom and abundance in life. I'm obsessed with helping women to master the inner game and release the limiting beliefs that keep holding them back.  I believe living the life of our dreams is here and now and it’s my vision to help women step into that power, greatness and create a life they love!

Happy Fathers Day to My First Love.

Below is a 'I LOVE YOU' mantra to help heal anyone who has endured an atmosphere that doesn't display unconditional love. Love isn't always reciprocal and to change the dynamics of that starts & ends with YOU Queen.




Begin each day with a self alignment Mantra. “I Am deserving and worthy of unconditional love that presents itself in the form of appreciation, friendship, respect, support, spirituality, and trust.


Don’t depend on others for your happiness. Build your security for love around God first instead of people.


Once you surrender to the process of self love, you embrace strength, allowing an open door to making better decisions. Having a sense of self you honor the wellness of your soul; no longer placing all the responsibility on your family member or partner and releasing the bondage of feeling victimized.

Our first priority in life should be to take care of self first before we are even capable of giving love to another. One can’t go through life constantly giving away pieces of their soul & spirit to those who aren’t worthy of appreciating it. There may come a time for  evaluation. Although letting go may seem difficult, holding on isn’t in your destiny. Never negotiate your self-worth for something that isn’t worthy of keeping. “LOVE YOU” 

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