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Updated: May 30, 2019

I don’t even know where or how to begin this Breaking News...I’m THAT excited! For those of you who are new to a Day N My Life. Yes, I type it correct the N isn’t a typo; those that know me get it. (Insert Smiley Face) Anyhoo let me introduced myself. I’m Kimberly a Lifestyle Expert, Life Coach, Vision Coach, Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker and Influencer of all things lifestyle. Whewwww, that was a mouthful right? There are many layers to my day-to-day at Ask Kimberly Lifestyle (AKL)

Today, I want to pass out kazoos and hang streamers because you and I. We’re gonna PARTY together! A typical day in my life is pretty much a celebration. You see I make a conscious effort to set daily intentions for my footsteps. See when you live everyday with intention; you are manifesting little morsels of sweetness over your day. And who doesn’t enjoy a little sugar every now and then.

Let’s get back to the Breaking News. I’ve been asked numerous times to publish a book about entertaining, event locations, and eats. As a Lifestyle Expert & Influencer I kinda know the ins/outs of everything Lifestyle. I must say I enjoy this 5 Star table service of life. So, without further ado today is the day that I invite you in to the new addition to AKL -> “It’s All A Lifestyle” My Blog that will share yummy resources for LIVing, LOVing and LIFESTYLE. Are you ready to RSVP to a lifestyle menu that will fill you up with encouragement, entertainment and lots of delicious eats? Then hold your glass up and lets Cheers to Its All A Lifestyle.


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