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Begin your New Year by forming new habits with intentional monthly prayers & daily journaling. We are currently out of stock but you can purchase via AMAZON.


This Best Seller from Ask Kimberly Lifestyle will transform your footsteps, align your thoughts and manifest your dreams and desires in life.  Its filled with inspiration, tips & tools that breakdown how to begin your day by reading an encouragiging inspiration, documenting your intentions, circling back for self check accountability and day-to-day journaling.



CLARITY & ACCOUNTABILITY- The clearer you are about how you want your destiny to be, the more likely you are to set the intention. If the intention is positive & proactive than the goal is achievable. The day-by-day journal is intended  to help you better understand how your thoughts manifest your future.


"It doesn't matter how slow you go to reach your destiny, just as long as you don't STOP." 

GLAM 12 Months of Inspiration, Intention & Accountability Journal

  • All sales are final and non-refundable. 

  • Thanks to Kimberly I'm more aware & clear of my path to reach my destiny. glam has taught meself-love and how to set purposeful intentions. 

    - Cristina Ortiz, Fitness Trainer

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