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Hey, Planner Lovers!


Are you obsessed with planning your life and achieving your goals? If so, you're going to love my GOAL GET EM! Quarterly Digital Lifestyle Enhancement Planner! This is the ultimate tool for organizing your calendar, tracking your progress, and documenting your journey. Here are 5 reasons why you need this digital planner in your life:⠀

Flexibility: You can access and update your planner anytime, anywhere, from any device. No more carrying around heavy notebooks or worrying about losing your plans. You can stay organized wherever you are! 

Customization: You can make your digital planner suit your style and preferences. The digital planner is design quarterly (not by the year). You can add in AKL custom digital stickers, photos, and doodles to make it fun and personal. It's your planner, your way! 

Timesaving: You can save time and hassle with automated features like reminders, notifications, and recurring events. You can easily manage your appointments, deadlines, and tasks without missing a beat. You can maximize your time and focus on what matters most. 

Sustainability: You can go green and reduce paper waste by using a digital planner. You can help the environment and save money on paper supplies. With my digital planner, you're making a positive impact while staying organized. 

Versatility: You can integrate your digital planner with other apps and tools that you use. Set up digital workflows and share and collaborate with others easily. You can stay connected and organized across devices.  It will take a few weeks to get your groove on all the fun things you can do. Keep in mind depending on what technology you download it to, will make a difference as well. I.e., Tablet, cell phone, or desktop.⠀

Are you ready to boost your productivity and stay organized with not just any digital planner but, a lifestyle enhancement planner.  Don't worry there will be instruction included on how to incorporate the lifestyle enhancement aspect?


What's Included with your new bestie:


  1. 190 Digital Pages (Quarterly Planner)
  2. LIVE Mindset Mastery Accountability Check-In's once a month with Coach Kimberly*(Registration required)
  3. 17 Custom Digital Stickers
  4. Getting Real with Your Destiny
  5. Goal Get Em! Instructions
  6. Monthly Planner *(Remember the digital planner is designed quarterly)
  7. Monthly Goals
  8. Slay the Month

 and so much more...


What happens after you place your order:

1. Once you submit your order & payment. You'll receive a thank you for your purchase email and receipt.


2. Then our lifestyle coordinator will send you a second email with our: GOAL GET EM! Lifestyle Enhancement Digital Planner Instructions and links to download your new bestie and its sidekick(s) (Custom Stickers)


3. Next Up: You'll take some time to get acquainted with the instructions that fits your particular device. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly. * There are also key tips to follow within the instructions as well.


4. That's it... It will take a few days to get acclimated with the digital planner. Sooner than later, you'll be a pro.


We love to know how it's coming along for you after a few weeks. Please email our customer service at: 


No Refund Policy: Please note we do not issue refunds, credits and/or exchanges.

*Once you gain access to the courses and its materials refunds and/or credits will not be accepted or applied in addition to exchange(s) for any Ask Kimberly Lifestyle services and/or its sister brands.


Any and all material, courses, digital downloads  provided by the Ask Kimberly Academy are non-refundable. If you just downloaded the Training Material (PDFs, audios, videos, additional workbooks, and/or etc.), and then promptly asked for a return, we reserve the right to deny your request. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via your student portal communication.


Please allow up to 48 hrs. a representative to reply. Contact us at (Subject Line)





$38.99 Regular Price
$25.99Sale Price
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