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* We have shipped our Pre-Launch orders and the second phase for pre-launch pricing will be shipped in July.  Order by  June 15th to secure the Pre-Launch price.


I'm Kimberly Clark, lifestyle & leadership coach of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle & AKL Lifestyle, and I am thrilled to introduce the "Queen Your Crown" TM Empowerment Subscription Box.


This is more than just an initiative; it's a profound manifestation of my unwavering commitment to inspire and uplift young ladies and women everywhere.


"Queen Your Crown" TM is a transformative empowerment kit meticulously crafted to ignite confidence, foster personal growth, and reignite the flame of self-worth within you. In a world where doubts can cast shadows, especially over our youth, "Queen Your Crown" TM is dedicated to kindling the spark of empowerment and reminding you of your inherent regality and power.


Age is not a barrier; it's a tapestry of experiences waiting to be rewoven. With "Queen Your Crown" TM, it's never too late to embrace the sovereign within and recognize your innate royalty and potential.



Elevate Your Empowerment with the QYC TM Kit: This transformative kit is designed to inspire and uplift individuals aged 16 & up, focusing on both youth and women. The QYC (TM) kit is thoughtfully curated to provide you with daily tools and resources that will ignite your confidence & foster your personal growth.


🌟 Pre-Order Your QYC (TM) Empowerment Kit today for $75.99++ 🌟 (Pre-Launch price for a limited time only)


*Second phase orders will be shipped in July.


Inside the "Queen Your Crown" TM Empowerment Kit, you'll discover a range of empowering custom items meticulously curated by, lifestyle & brand coach Kimberly Clark to nurture your inner queen.

Queen Your Crown Empowerment Kit (TM)

Second Phase for Pre-Launch Pricing expected to ship in July 2024. Order by June 15th to secure the pre-launch pricing.
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