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Food for the Soul...Magnified Monday Inspiration

Food for the Soul... Fasting is imperative for the well being of your body to clean out all the toxins & impurities; also for the wellness of your soul. It may be time to cleanse your spirit of those relationships that don't have your best interest at heart. If its taking up negative space in your being then that's not the proper nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. I enjoy delectable eats for it is pleasurable to my taste buds. I also know how significant feeding my body vitamins, fruits and vegetables plays a huge part on how I feel. My lifestyle is all about balanced, enjoying whatever soothes my soul. Nonetheless, I wont be productive if I'm lacking energy.

One of the big myths I hear is that making smoothie bowls takes too much time. Well, guess what Doll? You can save time by prepping a week’s worth of fruits & greens in advance! Sunday is a great day to sliced, diced and store away for the the week. Order you a few meal prep containers that you can categorize for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. I purchased the 15 pack 3 compartment Bento Box Containers from AMAZON. This way you have no excuses for you have made your life easier by pre-planning on Sunday. Now, that we got that out the way here is the scrumptious recipe that will feed your soul and cleanse your insides. Even better, these recipes don’t involve cooking, so you’re not heating the house up and conserving a little bit of summer energy. Now you have extra coins to purchase more containers or hit the farmers market for additional fruits & veggies.


"Matcha Me Love Feel Good Smoothie Bowl"

"Matcha Me Love Feel Good Smoothie Bowl"
Me Love So Matcha... #FoodfortheSoul #Live #MagnifiedMondayInspiration

First Make Matcha Smoothie

3 Tbsp. of Matcha Powder (My Matcha Powder includes Collagen)

1.5 Cup Fresh Spinach

1 Cup of Fresh Pineapple

1 Tbsp. of Pure Honey 1 Cup Soy Milk

Blend all ingredients together. It should be a thick consistency.

Place smoothie in container & put in freezer for when you are ready to make a smoothie bowl.


Second Part

3/4 Cup Fresh Strawberries Sliced 1 Banana (Slice Fresh-not pre pack)

1/3 Cup of Shaved Coconut

Sprinkle 6 Tsp. Chía Seeds on top

Drizzle 2 Tbsp. Almond Butter on top


Remember your spinach and fruit will be organized and sliced on Sundays and placed in container. All except for your bananas. You'll want those freshly sliced.

Food for the Soul...
A Bowl Full of Matcha Goodness... #FoodfortheSoul #Live #MagnifiedMondayInspiration

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