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Your "GOAL GET EM! A How to Guide to Get Your Goals In Check & Manifest A Winning Mindset


Lifestyle & Vision Coach Extraordinaire Kimberly Clark, M.A. understands that achieving your life dreams doesn't come easy. 


Ask yourself these questions!

Is it  a challenge to begin your day with intention?

Is it tough staying positive in the midst of everyday life stresses?

Do you feel as though you are letting yourself down due to lack of personal accountability and follow through?



GOAL GET EM! is your How-to guide to get your goals in check to manifest a winning mindset. Most importantly this guide and lifestyle enhancement planner will provide you the systems that will shift your mindset to form new habits that will propel your path in life.

The GOAL GET EM guide principle is based on our signature (7) Steps System Blueprint. This blueprint is an extremely important part of the (GGE) guide and helps you to overcome barriers that might be hindering you from elevating to your next stage in life

The 'GOAL GET EM' guide will empower you to put yourself as a priority, and begin the actionable processes to fulfill your purpose in life. (GGE) will help you become clear on following your intuition so you're able to silence the outside voice of others.

The Goal Outcome: Achieving your dreams & desires that will open the doors to your destiny.

The 'GOAL GET EM' guide is your intentional accountability partner that will motivate, manifest, and provide you the actionable steps. To a new routine that will elevate you to design your personal VISION to CARPE DIEM.

Did you know it takes approximately 21 days to form a purposeful habit? That's right, 3 weeks and 3 months to master it. Which is why the GGE guide & lifestyle planner is styled in monthly quarter format. The GGE guide provides you detailed instructions and insights on how to use the intentional processes in the book. By following the (7) Steps System Blueprint accordingly you then are able to activate the action that will produce measurable results.

You see our self-development motto is "What You Monitor You Manifest!" and with my (7) Steps System Blueprint you'll be on your way to "Goal Get Em!" And develop a stronger foundation to designing a life you not only love but can thrive in.


*The (GGE) includes our custom "Make Your Day Intentional" quote die cut sticker and an additional 28 custom stickers to use throughout the book and/or on your monthly vision board. 


* Delivery takes between 7-10 days once order is processed. You may also purchase your copy  via AMAZON for a faster turnaround. 



  • All sales are final and non-refundable. 

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