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Bon Appetit at Home with Its All A Lifestyle!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020


Lifestyle Expert Kimberly Clark introduces her  "BON APPETIT at HOME Banana Pudding" on a day you have permission to indulge. That's right today is #NationalDessertDay and we couldn't be filled with more yumminess on a sweet day such as this!  For those of you who are familiar with this renowned Lifestyle Influencer. You know she wears many professional hats.  She's not only a girl who lives for empowering others, entertaining the masses, and good eats for the tummy. She is also the hostess with the mostest who has an impeccable attention to details. A bountiful passion for cooking with love while giving the people what that desire!   

Today is the official launching of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle most popular morsels of sweetness the "BON APPETIT Banana Pudding" The creamy southern dessert is available in two options. The 6 oz. Trio Jars or the 5 oz. Duo Tins both packaged beautifully in an Eco-Friendly custom box with Eco-Friendly spoons. Just take a look at the video above then view the order form below to make your selection.   Orders are made fresh and shipped every Tuesday. At the present time, we only ship orders in California. You may also visit Us at askkimberlylifestyle to place an order as well.  

Until next time BON APPETIT!

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