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Pamper Your Kitchen with Gadgets

Do you love to entertain during spring & summer? I know I do. As a foodie myself there is joy in preparing dishes for my guests, making sure their dining experience is unforgettable. Last year while we were all on stay-at-home order. I made sure to maximize my time well with completing projects around the house.

One thing that was on my agenda before COVID was turning my under the stairs closet into an entertaining storage room. I just never really had the time to start the process. I needed a space where I could place all my entertaining gadgets, decor, supplies, and odds & in's that was pretty much everything lifestyle.

If you enjoy cooking you know it's a must-have for your kitchen to include the proper cooking essentials. Its All A Lifestyle Tip: Stay stocked up and ready so you won't need to be that neighbor who borrows everything. I suggest taking an inventory of your kitchen tools in the springtime (You know like spring cleaning.) Purge items you no longer require and prepare for the new & improved kitchen tools that will better serve you when cooking and/or entertaining.

I have just the ingredients to get you started in the kitchen. Join a good friend of mine for a virtual party at Pampered Chef. You can learn new recipes, share cooking tips, online-shop, and shop online. Oh, wait I said shop online twice!! (Anywho) You get what I'm saying right. Shopping without leaving your home is the best invention since Starbucks Frappuccino.

Let me show you just how easy it is--- Yes, I did my shopping this morning and can't wait to add the new cooking tools to my entertaining storage closet.

And, you know what? Right after I completed my order Kristina shared a few insights for me on some of my purchases. Take a look below. The extra details of my shopping experience were très bien.

Easy breezy right? I thought so as well. As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of support. I understand the value that uplifts my fellow sister to keep pursuing her dreams. I understand when you love what you do, it shows even when there aren't any words. That's just the feeling I know I provide when a plate, dish, and/or tray comes from my kitchen.

Don't miss the Virtual Party that ends April 30th. To learn more or

Shop today.

Bon Appetit...

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