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Lifestyle Bites

It's All A Lifestyle BLOG yummy platform was created to bring you talks, tips and treats. Just some of the ingredients that fuel a Day In My Life. Today were talking "Chicken" How to take a entree that was prepared for dinner and turn whats left into a few healthy, scrumptious, lifestyle bites. One evenings dinner started with--Citrus Lime Skillet Chicken paired with Baked Sweet Potato & Grilled Asparagus, drizzled with Branch & Vine Mango Infused Olive Oil.

Now, lets take the left-over chicken and prepare a sandwich & hors d'oeuvre bites for those unexpected guests you know will come knocking because its Fri'Yay!

Tip: A good host should always keep essential items around just in case you need to create Foodie Magic on a moments noticed. Here are a few essentials I keep handy for company. Fresh Herbs, gourmet cheeses, mini heirloom tomatoes, marinated artichokes, diced pimientos, pesto sauce, garlic spread, bistro style olives, mini naan flatbread, table water crackers, dried fruit and nuts. With these items you'll be sure to come up with a few treats & bites for your guests. OK, back to what I created with the leftover Citrus Lime Chicken. (See ingredients below)



Stonefire Mini Naan Flatbread (purchased @ ALDI) They have a variety of sizes.

Warm Naan in oven for 2 mins.

Spread Pesto on one side of Naan if you are preparing as an Hors d'oeuvre bite. On both side of Naan if making a sandwich. If making as an Hors d'oeuvre you will need to cut the Naan in equal parts.

Citrus Lime Chicken (Chicken Brest Cut in Halves.)

Mini Heirloom Tomatoes (Red & Yellow) Cut in halves.

Marinated Artichokes (Cut into small bites.)

Fresh Spinach (Uncooked.)

That's It. Let's Eat! Would you like some Naan? Naannnn... Just kidding, Yes, please.

If you decide to make this lifestyle bite, please circle back with Us. We love to hear all the details. Drop a comment below or email Us.

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