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ENJOY the little things!

Enjoy the little things!
Ask Yourself...What AM I Grateful For? #LOVE #MagnifiedMonday Photo by: Humphrey Muleba

Do you know how to enjoy the little things in life? This is a life lesson that may be hard to practice, as the hustle & bustle of each day quickly passes. When things are going great in life there isn't a care in the world. However, when the seasons change to the bumpy roads; it is then one will noticed the little things they may have taken for granted.

Here's a life tip that will centered you in the direction of how to "Enjoy the little things" First: I like you to grab a pen, paper and/or journal.

Second: Ask Yourself...What Am I Grateful For? Repeat that sentence a few times to yourself before you begin to answer. Let it sink down in your spirit. I want you to be completely transparent with your answers. Third: Write down (5) things you are Grateful for. After you have written them down, repeat them one-by-one. Over the next six days I want you to revisit/repeat each morning and before you lay down to sleep. You will begin to embed the (5) grateful things you've written down; they now become one in the core of your spirit. You, see when we professed thanks to the little things in life, they turn into large extended blessings. That's how the Universe works. When you are grateful & enjoy the little things, life greets you with BIG BLESSINGS.


Little Things Affirmation

Miracles & blessings are making a way to me right now.

In order for me to create a grateful space of universal blessings.

I will make it a point to honor & enjoy the

little things in my life daily.

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