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Fall In Love with Monday

For some Monday is considered a thorn in their side. Let me share a valuable assessment that may transition how you view Mondays moving forward. When you begin each day with a vision that it WILL be a day for you to create greatness over each step you take. Asking the Universe to Blessed your every movement, your every thought process, your every word that precedes out your mouth. Yes, you aligning the dynamics of the day in your favor.

Click your CROCS three times & Just Believe. #MagnifiedMondayInspiration #LOVE

Look at Monday as a creation for you to design your week. When you think, speak and profess positive vibes over your footsteps. The Universe will take you to your destiny in style. Do you remember the ruby red slippers scene in the Wizard of Oz when Glinda told Dorothy "Click your heels together three times and say 'There's no place like home' and you'll be there." The enlightenment of one of the most famous lines from The Wizard of Oz was 'Just Believe' Dorothy always had the ability to go home if she Just Believe!

That is the valuable assessment of life "Just Believe" let me encouraged you the power resides within you. Set the tone for ALL your days and Just Believe!!! So, tell me.

What will you BELIEVE in not only for today but the week? I'll love for you to share in the comment section or post via Instagram.

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