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Food for the Soul #MagnifiedMondayInspiration

AKL "Its All A Lifestyle" LOVE of the Day.
Food for the Soul...#MagnifiedMondayInspiration #LOVE #FoodfortheSoul

When it comes to cooking some will follow the recipe right down to the T, while others improvise. How about when it comes to Feeding Your Soul. You know the inner essence of your mind, body and spirit. Oh, Honey do I have a recipe for you that will light your soul up filling your tummy with covered morsels of blessings. Now, this is a recipe you will surely come to table for daily.

Don't Forget to Order Your Food for the Soul...

Food for the Soul Recipe

Good Morning Universe Its Me...

I'd like to order a cup of Joy, with a tall glass of Thy Will be Done. For the entree I'll have a plate of God's Grace with a side order of Covered Blessings. Please, Thank You, AMEN.

We all make it point to come to the table for breakfast, lunch, dinner and on occasion dessert. There's a sense of gratitude & comfort in making a practice to feeding your soul. You see the nourishment that we put in our bodies is important, but intentionally asking the universe for comfort food is a divine order. Each day that we are blessed to see is another chance to be better, do better and live greater. Don't disappoint the universe in not asking for the 5* menu that will keep you full for a lifetime.

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