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Magnified Monday Inspiration

Ask Yourself--- How do I see life? Do you see life as a race, journey or marathon?

When we shape our thought process to thinking & speaking intentionally. Your mindset begins to think, see and speak power over your existence. The mind is a powerful muscle that needs nourishment to eliminate the negative toxins of the world. I see you Queen out there trying

Ladies, Please Rise! #MagnifiedMondayInspiration #LOVE #ItsAllALifestyle

to make life happen. I see you trying to lay a foundation that flourishes. I see you masterminding how you'll get to the finish line. I see you juggling being a Wife, Girlfriend, BOSS, Teacher, Philanthropist and Superwoman. Yes, Doll I see you spreading yourself thin. I want to encourage you that on this journey in life, it calls for several resources in order to attain your dreams. First, we must be authentic with self, that the reality is: "We can't do it alone."

I view life as a journey on a bike riding my way to the destiny I'm meant for. It will take balanced to get to the destination you desire. As you are riding your bike you will encounter steep hills and at times pebbles in the road. This is where your nourishment kicks in---You will require strength to pedal harder, your leg muscles will need to perform or you will derail & burnout. The symbolism of the bicycle is there are steps to balancing every day life obstacles. With all the titles you hold in life let me add one more to help you balanced out your superwoman lifestyle. Every superwoman needs a sidekick. A strong support system who can help you talk through the ups & downs & highs & lows of life. That's right you need a BF, mentor and a core group of authentic women who are on the same journey of living their best life. Remember, how hard it was when you first learn how to ride a bike? It was awkward, wobbly and down right difficult but, eventually your mindset said "I Can Do It."

See, Doll learning how to balance also plays a critical role in maintaining relationships with the people in/around your circle. Below, is a reminder I want you to live & breathe when it comes to connecting & being a strong support system for all women. We must do better & be better.

"Sisterhood Is Empowering!" #MagnifiedMondayInspiration #LOVE #ItsAllALifestyle

"Ladies, Please Rise"

To embark on the journey towards your

Rise-requires Authenticity.

To remain on the path requires Awareness.

The bridge that merges the two is "Sisterhood."

~Ask Kimberly Lifestyle

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